Our Philosophy

A Sock & Roller is passionate about sports, with a taste for fashion and a racing geek.

We do not believe that quality is at odds with fashion and even less with wearing cool, colourful and fun socks.

We enjoy racing and we consider that a sock has to fit you perfectly and allow breathability, protection and comfort without giving up a daring and different style.

All our socks are tested by professional and popular runners, in all possible terrains and distances.

A Sock & Roll sock has been tested on all types of roads, tarmac and country trails and we know they work.

This is what our products provide, developed with the best technical fibers, using the most innovative materials and designed with passion and for running. Whether you are just starting out or you are professional, you will love our socks.

Welcome to our Sock & Rollers lifestyle!


We are excited to see how our socks look on your feet, and we like it even more when you take them on a trip to see the world.

We want you to help us with your photos to create this album where we can see how your Sock & Roll stroll through new places. Whether it is your town or the most remote place in the world, we will be looking forward to receiving your photo in some special or emblematic place.

Do not worry if it is not the best photo in the world, we would love to include it in our travel album. Tag us in your posts with the hashtag #Globetrottingsocks and you will become a part of our particular Hall of Fame.



Our socks love you and we need you to love them back. Therefore it is important that you follow these tips to help your socks be as fit as you are.

Sock&Rollers 01. cuidados calcetin temperatura

It is better to wash them at low temperature, so they will not lose any of their properties.


They don't like to be put in the dryer. You will be amazed at how fast and well they air dry.

03.-cuidados-calcetin_no lejia

Bleach can damage their cool colours. If you turn them over before washing them, they will last even longer.

04.- cuidados-calcetin_noplanchar

Keep away from the iron! They do not need it to look spectacular.