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¡Let’s go!

After months of hard work and planning we can say that we have this project ready which is SOCK & amp; ROLL . We know well that this is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long distance race, but we cannot for this reason stop being happy to finally show you and make you part of everything that we have been preparing with a lot of love and enthusiasm.

We were born with the aspiration to accompany you in all your training sessions and races, from the shortest to the most strenuous marathons and Ultras. We want to be your favorite brand of socks and for this we are going to put all the effort and desire to surprise you with our designs and provide you with the greatest comfort, resistance and durability that we are capable of manufacturing (in Spain, by the way 😉).

We want this to be a live and open project, which is nourished by your opinions and suggestions, so do not stop following us on RRSS ( @sockandrollers ) and tell us what you like the most and what you think can be improved in our socks, we will be delighted to know that we can do better and with what we are hitting.

Through this blog we will tell you curious and useful things about socks, but we will also advance you news and surprises that come to mind and we will also talk from time to time about topics related to the practice of sports that are more directly related to the use of the type of socks that we manufacture in SOCK & amp; ROLL .

So stay tuned, this is just beginning!



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