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As in almost everything in life, there is nothing written about tastes, and the preferences of each regarding the height of the shank of a running sock were not going to be an exception.

At SOCK & amp; ROLL we have set out to make an excellent technical sock for running, but we also want it to stop being just another complement to your “outfit runner” so that it begins to be a leading element. We like design and beautiful and original clothes, so if we pay a lot of attention and carefully select the shoes or the shirt that we are going to wear to our most important race on the calendar, why not do it with our socks as well? < / p>

It is for this reason that we have opted for a high cane height, which reaches approximately the lower part of the calf. With a sock of these dimensions we can offer you a much larger “canvas” and our designs will be much more visible than in lower leg socks.

It’s time to dare to try something different! You can also see how, due to the technical characteristics of the fibers that we use in manufacturing, they are socks that do not give any heat thanks to their breathability.

I am sure that among our entire catalog you will find the socks that best combine with those new “sneakers” that you just bought or with the so cool “Finisher” shirt of some important career that you like to show off with such pride.


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