Dragon Fly Grey


Who has not dreamed of flying during a race? We cannot grant you super powers, but we can grant you the coolest socks in the galaxy.

And if you like them you also have them in indigo and cardinal.



Dragon Fly Grey características producto eng

Designed for intensive high-impact activity and high running performance, offering comfort and maximum adaptation to the foot. Their degree of compression allows a decrease in muscle fatigue, with a reduction of lactic acid and toxins generated by the muscle during the performance of the activity. This allows to reduce muscle pain and promote a quick recovery. To complete the design, the mesh in the sole offers great cushioning in the tread, with extra heel and toe protection.

It is designed with MERYL®, a high-end fibre that gives the sock breathability, moisture absorption and quick drying. The technology of these components gives this sock a lightness, durability and resistance superior to that offered in common sports socks. The LYCRA provides the perfect fit and adaptation to the foot by providing the compression required in the hottest workouts and races.

67% MERYL / 13% LYCRA / 20% Elastic